Women's Foreign Policy Network
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The Women's Foreign Policy Network  increases women’s participation in foreign affairs by building community through dialogue, events, and professional development.

Who we are

The Women’s Foreign Policy Network is a membership organization of more than 2,800 female foreign affairs practitioners and thought leaders in over 65 countries worldwide. We are Ambassadors, Deputy Chiefs of Mission, NGO leaders, researchers, consultants, business owners, Air Force Colonels, and academics.

Our mission is to increase women’s participation in foreign affairs through mentorship, sponsorship, and learning. We convene online and through in-person events to engage, share ideas, and network. We are dedicated to the notion that the project of solving the world’s most intractable problems requires the creativity and talent a diverse workforce brings. 


Our Events

WFPN holds events and workshops for members to explore policy, leadership, and management topics with some of the smartest minds in Washington. A sampling of speakers and workshops includes: 

  • Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources Heather Higginbottom*
  • State Department Counselor, Presidential Transition Coordinator, and Career Ambassador (Ret.) Kristie Kenney*
  • Under Secretary of State for Civilian Security Sarah Sewall*
  • Chief of the President’s Daily Brief
  • Former Under Secretary of State for Public Affairs and Public Diplomacy Tara Sonenshine
  • Former AmeriCorps Director Deb Jospin
  • NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller
  • Ambassador (Ret.) Ruth Davis
  • Navigating Presidential Transitions with IBM’s John Kamensky
  • Gender Matters: How Women Can be Heard, A Skills Workshop on Executive Communication with Kristin Haffert and Norissa Giangola

* Indicates the title of the speaker when the event was held



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